Terms and conditions

The Club Esportiu Pyrene is an entity that loves the Pyrenees and makes them available to everyone. We organize activities throughout the year, with base camp in the Cerdanya Valley. Registered by the Catalan Council of Sport in the Register of Sports Entities with no. 16348 and in the Census Physical Sports Activities Organizers in the Natural Environment with no. C-426. The Pyrene Summer Camps are run by a widely experienced team of professionals in education and physical activity who specialize in the fields we perform.The Pyrene Sustainable Camp is located at the base of the Aransa Nordic Ski Resort. Found in El Fornell Refuge, at 1.900 meters high, in the middle of the forest, surrounded by lakes and 3.000meters high summits. We have the facilities of the resort for our exclusive use. The Restaurant, with a large dining room to eat in case of rain, a large and modern professional kitchen, warehouses and toilets. We have tables and benches protected from the sun and lighted at night, next to the Restaurant. 50 meters away we have 4 tents with 25 spots each, where we sleep in bunk beds.The tents are lit with solar energy. We built 6 hot water showers with solar panels. The campsite is protected from cows, horses and deers by a fence.

01. Sessions

We start on Sundays at 6pm and finish on Saturdays at 12pm.

02. How to get to the camp

By car: on the N-260 from La Seu d’Urgell or on the E-9 from Manresa (via Túnel del Cadí) to reach Martinet, and then Aranser. From Aransa, follow the signs to Estació Esquí Nòrdic Aransa. By bus: Alsina Graells, stop in Martinet. By train: line R-3 from Barcelona to Puigcerdà (we will pick up at Puigcerdà the guys who ask for it, arriving between 2pm and 4.30pm).UTM coordinates UTM: 31N / ETRS89GMS coordinates E (X): 387761.0 m – N (Y): 4697676.0 m

03. Calls from parents and tutors

Calls are only allowed if you stay in 2 consecutive camps, calling on Saturday from 6pm to 8pm on +34 659 642 794 (Raül Cavaller).

04. Insurance, medical care and health status of participants

The Pyrene Sports Club has mandatory accident insurance and liability insurance. You can ask for a copy of it from the organization. In the registration form we ask you to add 1 photo ID + insurance card, you can upload them to your user area. For healthcare we have the Primary Health Care Center in Bellver de Cerdanya and the Hospital Comarcal in Puigcerdà. In accordance with the decree 225/96 of the Generalitat de Catalunya the managers (director, monitors) will not administer drugs and will not use sanitary materials that suppose an invasion of the body tissues. Thus, any kind of drug will be be provided to participants without the consent of their parents or tutors, and in accordance with their medical prescription, which you can upload to your user area. If the participant has any physical or mental condition, either emotional disturbance or any functional disability, either temporary or chronic, it will be the responsibility of the parents or tutors to inform the organization. If the organization detects the concealment of this information by a participant, it will suppose the end of its participation in the Summer Camp by putting at risk his/ her own and other’s safety.

05. Diet Meals will be served at

El Fornell Restaurant, with a personal kitchen and professional chef under the supervision of Pyrene Club. The diet is varied and balanced, providing breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The extra energy expenditure of participants while doing the activities proposed is taken into account, as well as the caloric needs of each age. The specific diets relating to allergies or intolerances will be taken into consideration, as well as special diets for religious or ideological reasons. Lunches or dinners that are held on excursions or activities (packed lunch) comply with the regulations relating to hygiene and food safety. The food is local, fresh and most of it organic.

06. Pocket Money

We recommend not to bring money to the campsite. You can bring 20€ as maximum if you want to buy a T-shirt from the Summer Camp, a hat, sunscreen or something you forgot. The Club Esportiu Pyrene is not responsible for loss or theft of your pocket money.

07. Internal voyages

The 6 camps take place in the Sustainable Pyrene Camp in Aransa, with special activities requiring transport. Nine seat vehicles from the Club Pyrene are used to shuttle campers, otherwise external taxi services are contracted for this purpose.

08. Summer Camp Rules

To ensure respect for others, facilities and equipment, as well as for the correct functioning of the activities the participants will act in accordance with the Summer Camp Rules agreed upon by the participants.

09. Cancellation and accomodadification of activities

The Club Esportiu Pyrene reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the activities described in the programs if weather conditions, physical condition and/or the attitude of the participants may risk the safety of themselves or others.

10. Refunds

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the total amount paid by the participant will be refunded (both the reservation fee and the second payment) when the participant requests cancellation due to having symptoms, testing positive for COVID-19 or to having been exposed to a positive close contact with COVID19. If the organization cancels the Pyrene Summer Camp following indications from the administration motivated by the crisis of the COVID-19, then 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. If due to injury or illness you cannot participate in the Pyrene Summer Camp, a copy of a medical report or similar will need to be provided for verification, upon which 50% of the reservation fee will be refunded.The booking fee will not be refunded, nor the 75% remaining in the event that the non-participation in the Summer Camp is not justified with a medical report. The proportional amount of the days not completed in the camps will be refunded only when the Club Esportiu Pyrene cannot lend the contracted services. In case of leaving the camp voluntarily or by misbehavior, the Club Esportiu Pyrene will not make any kind of refund.

11. Protection of Personal

Data In accordance with current regulations, the Pyrene Sports Club will use participant data only for the corporate communication and/or the announcement of its products. By registering and clicking on the ACCEPT box, you accept these TERMS & CONDITIONS and give explicit permission for the dissemination of any film, movies, and photographic images of your child taken during the Pyrene Summer Camps. If you don’t want to let your children come out in these public images let us know at info@clubpyrene.com.

Bellver de Cerdanya, January 2021